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Hometown Bagels

I love it here in Trophy Club -- but it became clear that I just couldn't get my hands (and taste buds) on the bagel that beckoned me from 42nd & Broadway. 


Contact (email only):

Store Address:
301 Trophy Lake Dr
Trophy Club TX 76262

Store Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday
7am-2pm (or earlier if sold out)

How Good are These Bagels?

“OK – I just had my first Dan’s bagel and it did not disappoint!! Super tasty and chewy!!”


-- Shannon A., Roanoke

"Shout out to Dan's Bagels for our delicious delivery this morning. If you're looking for authentic NY bagels, he's your guy."


-- Jessica O., Trophy Club

"I just inhaled these bagels. So delicious. I really enjoyed the onion bagel - it's now my go-to."


-- Chasidy M., Trophy Club

"We love Dan's Bagels!! I forgot to order last week and when there were no bagels Saturday morning, I had some unhappy family members. This week I am ordering more so my daughter can take some back to A&M with her. She LOVES Dan's Bagels, we all do in my family - they are the best!!"


-- Lisa R., Trophy Club

"Hey Dan! The bagels were great. Nice and chewy on the inside with just the right amount of crisp on the outside. So excited to finally have REAL bagels."


-- Melody N., Trophy Club

"Delicious! Such a satisfying nosh! Numnumnum. The bagel bomb."


-- Linda G., Trophy Club